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An early follower of Teresa

News comes of one of Teresa's devoted early followers, Anne of Jesus (Ana de Lobera y Torres (1545-1621), whom Teresa called 'The lady-captain of Prioresses'. She was celebrated for her strong personality, her gift of discernment, and her charity. Pope Francis has put the seal of Vatican approval on a report of a miracle attributed to her, opening the way to her eventual beatification. We owe Sister Anne a huge debt because after Teresa's death she gathered the foundress's writings and had them published. Moreover she was involved in the foundation of three monasteries in France and two in Belgium. UK readers will be interested that she encouraged the foundation of a monastery of English emigrants in Antwerp in 1619. She is a reminder that in her great founding work Teresa relied on many other people for their support and their co-operation; such things are rarely achieved alone.

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