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I am talking to someone in Cardiff about the possibility of starting a new Seculars group there. If anyone knows of potential members of such a group, or if you yourself are such a person, please get in touch. At present we are very poorly represented in South Wales, but there are a lot of Catholics in Cardiff and some big parishes. Most of our industrial cities developed substantial Catholic populations in the nineteenth century when there was a huge demand for labour and people poured in from Ireland and also to a lesser extent from Mediterranean countries, and Cardiff is a good example of this. This part of our nineteenth and twentieth century history is not well documented in our textbooks, but it is a fascinating story. In the Divine Providence God used immigrants to bring back the Catholic faith to these shores after the centuries of oppression.

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News from Cardiff

Talks are afoot with the aim of establishing a new group in Cardiff. If you are from that area or if you know of someone from that area who might be interested, please contact me on cpblamires@aol.c


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