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The modern world

A Carmelite friend was telling me yesterday how much she hated the modern world. It made me reflect on the delight I actually take in many aspects of that world, and particularly in the technology. I was just looking at the blogs from 'the Friends of the Secular Carmelites' on Facebook and thinking that access to podcasts from Catholic sources all over the world is so enriching. At the flick of a switch we can see masses from other countries and learn about how our fellow Carmelites live their faith. It is so inspirational to see Carmel and the Church flourishing in other parts of the world while we struggle in our post-Christian society. Of course this same technology is exploited by evil people for evil ends but it is the same with everything in human life. A motorised vehicle can be used to transport a sick person to hospital but it can also be used to run down people in the street or as a getaway from a robbery. Before the gun was invented, people were killed by bow and arrow. We have such sophisticated technology now, let us ponder how to use it to promote the gospel.

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