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Retreats, regional days and pilgrimages 2024

Retreats 2024

Location                                                        Dates                          Contact
Christian Heritage Centre, Stonyhurst    8-10 March               Stonyhurst
Kairos Centre                                               31 May - 2 June        Mark Courtney
Honiton                                                        28 -30 June                Wincanton group
Douai Abbey                                                2 - 6 July                     Armelle Belcher
Ampleforth                                                  15 - 19 July                 Mary Farrell   
Wistaston                                                     26 -28 July                  Annette Goulden
The Briery, Ilkley                                          13 – 15 Sept              Mary Farrell   
Honiton                                                         20-22 Sept                Bristol and St Austell Groups


All these retreats will be given by Fr Matt Blake.  There may be others in the pipeline.
Reminder: you can confidentially access the Retreat Fund for help towards the cost of one of these retreats.  Simply contact your Regional Representative or Phyllis Ibbs:

Regional Days 2024

March 23rd               West Midlands Regional Day, Wolverhampton-        
April 6th                    London Regional Day, Kensington
April 27th                  South West Regional Day, Honiton
June 22nd                 Walsingham Pilgrimage
September 28th      North Regional Day, Thicket Priory
October 5th             East Anglia Regional Day, Quidenham
October 19th           Central Regional Day, Northampton

CACS Organised Pilgrimages           


Dates                          Destination         Theme
April 17 – 23              Segovia                St John of the Cross
May 10-16                 Lisieux/Fatima    St Therese of Lisieux
October 10 – 16        Avila                     St Teresa of Avila
December 20 – 27     Israel                   Ascent to Mount Carmel


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