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The Carmelite Book Service

The CARMELITE BOOK SERVICE was set up as a worldwide mail order service in 1984 (on-line since 1997) to provide all books in print on Carmelite spirituality to the whole family of Carmel. The aim was to stock all titles so as to be able to supply them without delay. This proved to be a great service to customers and so the book service has grown and now has over one thousand six hundred titles in stock. These are not only books on Carmelite spirituality but also the Christian classics, books on the English spiritual tradition, celtic spirituality, eastern spirituality and contemporary spirituality.

The Book Service also supplies a wide range of pamphlets, booklets, audio cassettes, videos, CDs, DVDs and religious objects and is located within the Carmelite Priory grounds at Oxford. It is owned, maintained and managed by the Order and is a registered charity. The bookshop is independent and has no branches or links with any other bookshops. It is normally open to visitors Monday to Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm.

The catalogue is sourced from worldwide suppliers for their specialist content, therefore price variations may occur due to supplier costs, currency fluctuations and customs/tax charges. At the same location is the Teresian Press, an in-house publishing organisation which publishes titles with the aim of popularising and promoting Carmelite spirituality and prayer.


Carmelite Priory

Boars Hill, Oxford


United Kingdom

Phone: 01865 735133 (Press 3)

Mobile: 07842 077860



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