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Recorded talks

The Romances of St John of the Cross

A talk given by Fr Matt Blake, OCD at the London Regional Day on 9 December 2023

Romances of St John
00:00 / 35:50

Honiton Retreat 2023

Talks on St John of the Cross by Father Matt Blake, OCD

1: Union
00:00 / 35:14
3: Jesus
00:00 / 39:37
2: Contemplation
00:00 / 40:38
4: Faith
00:00 / 38:44
5: Scripture
00:00 / 38:48

Holy Hill Retreat

Introductory talks on St John of the Cross by Father Matt Blake, OCD, recorded at the Holy Hill Hermitage, County Mayo, Ireland

Overview of St John of the Cross
00:00 / 23:08
The Dark Night
00:00 / 27:40
Questions about prayer
00:00 / 20:09
Carmelite spirituality
00:00 / 34:16
Key ideas in John
00:00 / 30:35
Prayer in St Teresa
00:00 / 23:21

God's Work in Us

A Vigil lecture for Teresa of Jesus given by Sister Mary of St Joseph OCD on 14 Oct 2022. 

God's Work in usFr Matt Blake
00:00 / 41:03

The Secret of Spiritual Growth

The Secret of Spiritual Growth Pt 1Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 45:24
The Secret of Spiritual Growth: Pt 2Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 50:02
The Ven Fr Hermann Cohen, OCD
00:00 / 24:24
Mass for Three Voices
00:00 / 34:43

MASS For Three Voices, Composed by The Venerable Fr Hermann Cohen, OCD and dedicated by him to his Seraphic Mother St Teresa of Avila

Sung by: The Carmelite Choir, Kensington, London, Director John McCarthy

Soprano: Lynda Richardson,  Baritone: Leslie Fyson,  Organist: William Davies,  Conductor: John McCarthy

Recorded on 8 June 1985

Published by: The Carmelite Fathers, 41 Church Street, London  W8 4BB.  All copyrights reserved

Pt 1

The Story of The Ven Fr Hermann Cohen, OCD, by Fr Antonine Newman, OCD

Pt 2: The Mass

Talks on St Teresa's Life: Aylesford Retreat 2022

Talks given by Fr Matt Blake OCD at the 2022 Aylesford Retreat. Talk 1 is available only in transcript form.

Click here for a summary of St Teresa's writings prepared by Father Matt to accompany his talks.

St Teresa's Life: Talk 3Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 34:26
St Teresa's Life: Talk 4Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 34:49
St Teresa's Life: Talk 5Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 31:49
St Teresa's Life: Talk 6Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 35:53
St Teresa's Life: Talk 2Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 33:13
St Teresa's Life: Talk 7Fr Matt Blake
00:00 / 25:27

The Spritual Canticle

Spiritual Canticle Pt 1Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 38:43
Spiritual Canticle Pt 2Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 33:19
Spiritual Canticle Pt 3Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 48:13
Spiritual Canticle Pt 4Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 36:55
Spiritual Canticle Pt 5Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 34:26
Spiritual Canticle Pt 6Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 39:59
Spiritual Canticle Pt 7Fr Matt Blake, 2016
00:00 / 58:23

St John of the Cross: Carmel, Desire and Transformation

A three-day conference on St John of the Cross took place at St Mary’s University Twickenham on 21-23 June 2021. 

To view the YouTube videos of this conference please click here

Carmelite Media Education Videos

The YouTube channel of Carmelite Media Education has sixteen pre-2016 videos made by the Discalced Carmelite Friars, including a five-part series of talks on St Teresa of Jesus' Life by Fr Matt Blake and a seven-part series of talks on St John of the Cross's Living Flame also by Fr Matt Blake.  Access here


Featured Talks on Carmelite Spirituality

The Friends of Carmel website features audio recordings of talks by Fr Matt Blake, Gillian Coxhead and others on St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross and aspects of Carmelite Spirituality.  Access here

Saints, Scholars and Spiritual Masters

This series of video talks hosted by the Christian Heritage Centre includes a talk by Canon John Udris on St Therese of Lisieux which can be accessed here and a talk by Fr Matt Blake on the Spanish Mystics (St Teresa and St John of the Cross) which can be accessed here

All eight talks in this series are available here

Institute of Carmelite Studies

The Institute has a YouTube channel with valuable general resources. Their interview series is particularly recommended. 

American Jesuit podcasts

Click here for the website of 'American Media', which will take you to these podcasts, which reflect the times of the Church's year.

Talks by Fr Aloysius Deeney

These excellent talks were recorded by the Friars in the Philippines. They are particularly relevant because Fr Deeney was author of Welcome to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.


2022 Ampleforth Retreat


Click here for a link to eight talks on the Interior Castle given by Father Matt Blake OCD at the 2022 Ampleforth retreat. Click here for a summary document prepared by Father Matt to accompany the talks.

Secular Carmelite retreat 2021


Monday 26.7.21 

1st talk (morning)

2nd talk (afternoon)

Tuesday 27.7.21 

3rd talk (morning)

4th talk (afternoon)

Wednesday 28.7.21 

5th talk (morning)

6th talk (afternoon)

Thursday 29.7.21

7th talk (morning)


8th talk (afternoon)

Friday 30.7.21

9th talk (morning)


10th talk (afternoon)

Live-streamed talks by Fr Matt Blake OCD


During the period of coronavirus, Fr Matt used the live-streaming facilities at St Joseph’s Church, Gerrard’s Cross, to give some outstanding talks on Carmelite prayer.  We made audio recordings – about 45 minutes each – of all of them.  They can be downloaded using the links below.  (There are also video recordings of Weeks 7 & 8 in the Series on Prayer).

A transcription of the talks can be viewed or downloaded here.

Eight Talks in a series on prayer, based on Chapters 11-22 of St Teresa’s Life.


Week 1

Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7 audio


Week 7 video


Week 8 audio


Week 8 video

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