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A new group is meeting in Manchester from April 2024.


Date - 20 April

Time - 3.30pm

Venue - the Central Library Cafe

Contact -


A new OCDS group is meeting on the first Saturday of the month in the church of Christ the King, Coventry.

Mass at 9.30am is followed by a holy hour including the rosary and a period of silent prayer in the church.


The group then gathers at 11am for  a two-hour meeting in the Library for coffee, followed by a sandwich lunch for those who can stay (bring your own sandwiches).


Inquiries to:

07714 651756



Going deeper with the Carmelite Saints

A new group for Catholics who want to go deeper in their prayer and in their spiritual life. Meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month, 4.30pm - 7.00pm, at Heyford Books, Kettering Road.

The purpose is to explore the teachings of the great Carmelite saints - especially Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Therese of Lisieux. Along with the discussion of their texts there will be a time of silent prayer.


Inquiries to:


07714 651756



Carmelite Spirituality groups are planning to meet monthly in Nottingham and Lincoln when meeting places become available once more.


For more information contact Heather Ward OCDS: or see the local website:

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