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A beautiful quotation from a beautiful saint

I came across this quotation from St Teresa of the Andes, whose Feast Day was last week. I found it on the Facebook site of The Friends of the OCDS.

How is it that we do not die of love in seeing that God Himself could do no more than shed His divine blood for us drop by drop? When as man He was preparing for death, He made Himself our food in order to give us life. God becomes food, bread for his creatures. Is this not enough to make us die of love?

It is often said that Therese of Lisieux died of love ...

I am reminded of a story that the evangelical preachers used to tell in my days as a Protestant: A pastor preached his heart out in a sermon and was approached at the end by one of his listeners, who said to him: "If I believed what you believed, I would crawl on my knees across the country on broken glass to spread the message!"

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