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A double-edged sword

The sun shone gently and pleasantly on Saturday at Boars Hill Carmelite Priory for the friars' fund-raising day. They are needing to raise a very large sum to modernise the site. There was a widely-advertised internet connection so that people could watch it all on their screens from afar. I went to Boars Hill to attend it in person, but it occurs to me that this particular tool that enables people to watch events remotely, is a double-edged sword. On the one hand the blessings of it are very obvious - the housebound and those lacking transport and those who have commitments for part of the time - can watch on the screen. On the other hand, the possibility of watching on the screen may encourage some not to make the effort of going, when they otherwise might have gone. I wonder if this is the case with livestreamed masses - there may be people watching such masses instead of going when they could. Be that as it may, the friars have published an impressive brochure about their plans for Boars Hill which I am sure they will be happy to send to interested persons.


I, who faces a very frightening operation soon

S, multiply bereaved and struggling with physical problems

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