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A new Hampshire group

Saturday was devoted to a monthly trip to Hampshire, where a new Secular group was founded in 2022. We still haven't decided on a name, but as we meet next door to St Joseph's church, we are quite likely to choose this wonderful saint as our patron. St Teresa took great delight in her friendship with him and she named her first reformed convent in Avila after him. St Joseph's church is actually the chapel of the Daughters of Wisdom of La Sagesse Order and it is located in a complex of buildings belonging to the Sisters. I learnt on Saturday about a 'Miracle Room' in the complex where a miraculous healing took place in 1927. Sister Gerard was on her deathbed with consumption in both lungs until she saw a vision of Blessed Louis Marie de Montfort and suddenly recovered. The miracle was one of those accepted as proof of Louis Marie's holiness and he was canonised in 1947. There used to be pilgrimages to the site until the building became unsafe and had to be demolished.

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