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A visit to Derby

Had the privilege of joining the St Edith Stein Secular Carmelite Community last Saturday. This splendid community has a monthly meeting at St Mary's Church close to the centre of Derby. We steeped ourselves in the Prologue and first three chapters of Teresa of Avila's Way of Perfection. Gathering in the excellently-appointed church hall (their room is equipped with a little kitchenette), they are fortunate in that they can go over to St Mary's for mass at 12pm. St Mary's is a very beautiful church (architect A W N Pugin) and I am always struck by the Stations of the Cross - quite unusual in my experience in this country because they are large round oil paintings - somehow their roundness is striking. Anyone interested in the Derby Community can make inquiry through the 'Get in Touch' section in this website.

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Deborah Hawley
Deborah Hawley
Nov 07, 2023

Thank you for this picture of St Edith Stein community in Derby.

I have a sister far away near Derby! They will be in my prayers today - God bless.

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