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An inspirational conversation

A fellow Secular points me in the direction of a video conversation between Fr Liam Finnerty OCD and Joanne Mosley on the subject of St Elizabeth of the Trinity. She finds it 'beautifully inspirational' and she recommends that 'everyone should try to access it'. It comprises a series of 40 minute podcasts and can be accessed through the website of the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality. Fr Liam is currently at the Boars Hill Priory. Joanne has had a long association with Boars Hill where she was for many years the assistant to the late lamented Fr Jimmy McCaffrey. She has written books on St Elizabeth of the Trinity and on Edith Stein. I will put these podcasts on my (rather extensive) 'to-do list'.


J, a mother and the daughter of a Secular, is struggling with cancer. The infant S continues his battle with whooping cough.

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