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Anticipations of Carmel

There is so much inspiration to be found in the Office of Readings. Today there is an extract from a Commentary on the Song of Songs by St Gregory of Nyssa (c.335-c.395) which was in what we now call Turkey (then Cappadocia). I freely confess that I did not know this particular Church Father had written such a commentary, so that's a bit of knowledge gained for me. Just to read this extract is a reminder that St John of the Cross was tapping into a very ancient tradition when he composed his writings on the Song of Songs. Gregory's approach to the text differs from John's, the two are complementary. Just to give the opening lines of Gregory's commentary:

'Where are you pasturing your flock, O good Shepherd, who carry the whole flock on your shoulders? (for the whole of human nature is one sheep and you have lifted it onto your shoulders). Show me the place of peace, lead me to the good grass that will nourish me, call me by name so that I, your sheep, hear your voice, and by your speech give me eternal life. Answer me, you whom my soul loves.'

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