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Carmels in Communion

I have just discovered the 'Carmels in Communion' Facebook page of the Carmelite Sisters in the Philippines - 'the official website of the Philippine Federation of Discalced Carmelite nuns'. It is not clear whether it includes all of the Carmels in that populous country but more than twenty are listed. In the list is mentioned 'East Malaysia' so I guess that at least one of those taking part is not actually in the Philippines. For my part, I am much inspired to see contributions - some in English - from these Sisters - and indeed just to know that so many of them are there, praying for us all. Such is the beauty - the good side - of Facebook. On the 'Friends of the OCDS' page I also see contributions about the Sisters in Ecuador and from Bangladesh. Such are the new windows onto the world out there available to us electronically nowadays. And such is the joy of belonging to the Church truly universal.


G. - a convert cleric married priest who has abandoned his family in the UK and travelled abroad and contracted a new marriage. For his repentance and his immortal soul.

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