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Friends of St Therese

I have just joined a new Facebook group called 'Friends of St Therese of Lisieux'. (I am already a member of the 'Friends of the OCDS'.) One of the blessings of such groups is that they provide inspirational thoughts and quotations. As the December frosts set in today and friends and neighbours are complaining about the weather, it is in some strange way consoling to me to be reminded by a contributor to the Facebook 'Friends of St Therese' that her friend and novice Sister Marie of the Trinity wrote about the saint's horror of the cold in the convent. For Therese it was the most trying mortification in convent life, and she said it made her suffer so much that she felt it was impossible to suffer more physically. Sister Marie tells us that nonetheless Therese did not complain about this. Seems like a good example to me ...

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Simi Bignall
Simi Bignall
02 dec. 2023

As I sit here in a cold, damp house in Somerset, England, I sympathise with St. Therese. Thank you for your post.

God bless.

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