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Going Deeper

Last night we had a 'Going Deeper' meeting in our parish. It's a small group that gathers once a month to say evening prayer, to study a passage from a Carmelite spiritual teacher - currently the Interior Castle of St Teresa - and to spend half an hour in silent prayer. It's a kind of 'spirituality' group but I don't much like that word - it's very abstract and perhaps rather vague. We Carmelites are surely in the business of going ever deeper into God, and Teresa's book tells us that in going deeper into God we shall be going deeper into ourselves. There are no strings attached and no qualifications for attending the meeting. Most individual parishes aren't large enough to support Secular Carmelite groups but it may be possible to gather people to 'go deeper' into their faith together, and I know that other similar groups can be found here and there.

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