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Inspiration from the Office of Readings

Today's Office of Readings contains a passage from and Early Church Father that looks as if it is designed specially for us Seculars ....

' ... the soul should not only turn to God at times of explicit prayer. Whatever we are engaged in ... we should remember God and long for God. The love of God will be as salt is to food, making our actions into a perfect dish to set before the Lord of all things. Then it is right that we should receive the fruits of our labours, overflowing onto us through all eternity, if we have been offering them to him throughout our lives.

Prayer is the light of the soul, true knowledge of God, a mediator between God and men. Prayer lifts the soul into the heavens where it hugs God in an indescribable embrace. The soul seeks the milk of God like a baby crying for the breast.'

And there is more - this is just an extract. The author is given as 'Pseudo-Chrysostom' - a label given to writers at some time thought to be the real St Chrysostom (d.407) but now reckoned not to be. The Office of Readings is full of such treasures.

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Your latest is SO beautiful. I am going to start talking about "hugging God". Thank you.

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