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Inspirational people

I spent part of yesterday with an inspirational person, a lady with an unusual story. After a marriage annulment, she tried her vocation in a monastery, but it didn't work out. Since then she has experienced many ups and downs and endured a great deal of buffeting, but she comes up smiling with faith undimmed and a very positive outlook. Her only concern is to serve the Lord. When you spend time with such a person, the fire of the Holy Spirit that is in that person warms you and inspires you. There is a wider lesson in this, for if I am blessed when I encounter another who glows with the Spirit's fire, then it means that the closer I am in turn to God, the more I allow the fire of the Spirit to glow in me, the more I will be a blessing to others. So, to devote time to my own spiritual growth and development is at the same time to show love for others and potentially to inspire them.

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