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Meeting in a bookshop

A while ago my friend and Secular Carmelite colleague Tony, co-owner of a Christian bookshop, was facing along with his business partner something of a crisis: they knew they would have to move away from their premises in a delightful and popular and seemingly 'perfect' rural location - but they couldn't find anywhere to move to. Then an offer of new premises adjacent to a Baptist Church in Northampton came up, and the move was on. Once they had established themselves in the new location, they started to look for opportunities to use what they had more widely in the service of the Lord. Hence the decision to start up a Carmelite meeting once a month after the shop closes on a Wednesday. The first meeting will take place on 7 February. It's probably the only Carmelite gathering to take place in a bookshop in the country. The shop has facilities to make tea and coffee, so that the social will be combined with the spiritual ...

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