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More on Fr Aloysius Deeney OCD

I have mentioned the passing of Fr Aloysius before - he left us on 14 March. Now I learn a little bit more about him from the bulletin members of the OCDS receive from the headquarters in Rome. We in the OCDS are so indebted to him for his little book setting out the ideals and the principles of the Secular Carmelite life. He was born in the US in 1948 and made his first profession in 1984 in the Oklahoma Province. In 1990 he was elected Provincial in Oklahoma, supporting Hispanic vocations and introducing a bilingual liturgy to the Province. In 1998 he was appointed as the General Delegate for the OCDS - another reason we Seculars are indebted to him. He did the job internationally which our beloved Fr Matt Blake does for us nationally over here - liaison between the Friars and the Seculars. The last sentence of the obituary is suggestive of the dedication of the man - it states almost casually that on finishing his term of office as Delegate, he then went to Indonesia and 'played a major part in establishing the OCDS in Indonesia'. What a great soul! Thank you, Fr Aloysius!

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