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News from Cardiff

Talks are afoot with the aim of establishing a new group in Cardiff. If you are from that area or if you know of someone from that area who might be interested, please contact me on

I have meanwhile put out an appeal to Secular Carmelites for more contributors for this blog. Since it began less than a year ago I have been responsible for the contributions, but the aim is to involve more Secular Carmelites in the writing of it. It shouldn't be the domain of just one person.


As an experiment, I am adding an occasional Intercessions suggestion to the Blog. If you have a prayer requests, please send them to the email address above.

I have received a request for prayers for Chris, the brother of one of our Seculars, who is living in Canada. He has more than a passing acquaintance with St John of the Cross but is currently suffering from Parkinson's.

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