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Our new leaflet

We have produced a new leaflet to advertise the Secular Carmelites and explain what we do. It makes use of the famous picture by the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, showing the crucifixion suspended in space above a lake with a boat. It exhorts the reader to Launch out into the deep - combining the ideas of the crucifixion and discipleship in a visual way. At the time Dali painted the picture not long after the War, he had undergone a conversion. He had been brought up as an atheist, but his family had suffered brutal treatment at the hands of anti-Catholic Republican troops, and it was a factor in reconciling him with the Church. He made the acquaintance of a Carmelite priest who showed him the one picture that has come down to us actually by St John of the Cross, and this inspired Dali to create his famous picture. If you want to see the picture, google 'Christ of St John of the Cross'. If you would like a leaflet or leaflets, please contact me at

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