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People do not realise ...'

I had a message recently from a Secular who has been enduring a lot of suffering. I can't resist quoting a line or two from the message:

'People do not realise how becoming a Carmelite helps the Christian journey in so many wonderful ways. Being a member of the Carmelite family, being prayed for. Their lives are too busy and family life takes up all their spare time.'

This busyness is indeed a feature of modern life. Many years ago the celebrated poet T S Eliot wrote a book with the title Leisure the basis of Culture. In days gone by people liked money because it gave them the opportunity for leisure, but these days many business people and entrepreneurs continue to pursue their demanding careers and continue to make more and more money when they are already easily wealthy enough to stop and think. I have a hunch that the prospect of the journey inwards through silent prayer and retreats and learning from spiritual teachers can be scary for some.

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