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Spiritual accompaniment

I have been reading a rather beautiful book entitled Mercy within Mercy. Georges and Pauline Vanier and the Search for God. Georges Vanier (1888-1967) was a military man and a diplomat who eventually became Governor General of Canada. Pauline, mother to five children and Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, involved herself in numerous charitable activities. The book charts the spiritual development of a couple who lived exemplary Catholic lives and features numerous quotations from letters written to Pauline by a Carmelite prioress based in England. From the advice this Sister was giving Pauline in her letters, we can discern the struggles that a diplomat's wife experienced in trying to live close to God in the midst of a round of receptions, dinners, and constant socialising. What I love about this is the way it shows how a nun living behind the four walls of a convent can be a source of immense spiritual support in prayer and wisdom for a person struggling to live out the faith in a very 'worldly' setting. We all could do with such spiritual accompaniment in our daily walk.

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