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Technology and community

I saw a slogan on social media yesterday - 'Mobile phones put you in touch with folk living far away while isolating you from those close at hand' - and there is truth in that. However, technology offers so many opportunities for good - witness the resources of information and inspiration offered by this website. There is scope for all kinds of spiritual community - for example people are meeting regularly on zoom to say parts of the Divine Office together. All that is needed is someone to host, the group members just have to click on the code sent to them. Others are having a regular Secular Carmelite meeting on Zoom for those who cannot get to a physical meeting for reasons of disability or lack of transport. A little bit of creative thinking goes a long way. For all the dark side of the internet, there are huge possibilities for good.

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Deborah Hawley
Deborah Hawley
Oct 28, 2023

Yes, it is so simple to pray Lauds and Compline together each weekday but it is community.

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