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Temporary suspension

I am off on retreat later this morning, I will be going to Douai Abbey, a Benedictine foundation. I have never been there before so it will be a special treat. It will be one of the retreats the OCDS hold annually in various locations. Recently these have been in Ampleforth, a Benedictine Abbey in Yorkshire, in Crewe, and in Aylesford in Kent, plus other venues. Aylesford is special because it is thought to be the site where the Carmelite friars first arrived in England after fleeing from Mount Carmel. Unfortunately it is not very suitable for our purposes because it is also a shrine attracting a large number of visitors, so having a silent retreat is impossible.

Anyway, the upshot is that I shall go silent myself for the rest of the week - no more blogs until Monday next 8 July.


I., facing a frightening day-long operation very soon.

S., multiply bereaved and with physical problems, living alone.

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