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The Bishops' Call

I have been immensely impressed with the post-synodal appeal of the Bishops of England and Wales to the Catholic people. It really sounds like a call to Carmel! Hear this extract from their message:

'All renewal in the Church is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth draws us into the unity of faith, into communion with Christ, with the Church, and with each other. Renewal requires ongoing conversion, personally and in our communities. In discerning how this might be undertaken, we keep in mind the guiding themes of the synodal journey, namely communion, participation, and mission. These help us to formulate some important questions:

  • How can we create and promote space and time for prayer, for spiritual communion, for adoring God, and for listening and responding to God?

  • How can we deepen and broaden opportunities for people to participate in the prayer of adoration, linking this to the service of others?'

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