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What draws them?

I'm involved quite a bit in outreach, in spreading the news about Carmel through leaflets and posters and the internet. But at the heart of this is a mystery. What draws people to Carmel? Of course everyone comes via a different route, and it is difficult to specify a definite answer to the question, so we are sowing seed in the dark as it were, not knowing who is out there, knowing at the same time that there is no magic formula. I came through a leaflet in the back of a church. I know someone who came initially through a book and then through a talk. For some it is contact with a Carmelite friend. The workings of the Holy Spirit are and always will be a mystery. I suppose Carmel will always in some sense be hidden like - Therese hidden in her enclosure; those who find it are those who are looking to go deeper, those who are hungry for more. "Seek and You shall find" says the Lord.

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