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What to do with bruising experiences

I recently had a shock when I received a cold message from someone I thought I had been supportive towards. When this kind of thing happens to me, I get feelings of anger and resentment and even moral superiority. 'I myself would surely never have behaved like that!' But nowadays after my years in Carmel I find myself thinking that as a Carmelite I am not allowed to let such feelings take me over. It would be much better if I just didn't get them at all or if I surrendered them the moment they turn up for love of the Lord, but I actually find it helpful to think of my membership of Carmel as setting boundaries to my inner train of thought. The roads of resentment and jealousy and self-righteousness are out of bounds for me, they are blocked by a No Entry sign. Of course such boundaries are just a basic part of the Gospel, but the special commitment we make as Carmelites can strengthen our resolve to live out Gospel values.

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