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More about Fulton Sheen

I have been continuing to read about Archbishop Fulton Sheen in a book simply entitled America's Bishop. He was probably the most famous Catholic speaker of the Twentieth Century - with the exception of Pope St John Paul II. Sheen, who struggled with temptations to vanity all his life, turned to a community of Carmelite nuns in Albany, Indiana, for spiritual support. He wrote to the Mother Prioress:

'Your prayers and sufferings do more good than all our preaching and our hectic actions. We make the noise; we get the credit; we enjoy the consolation of a victory seen and tasted. You are responsible for it and yet you cannot see the fruits - but you will, on that day when the Cross appears in the heavens and everyman is rewarded according to his works.' He later wrote to her saying 'I want to cling on to Carmel for I love its love of Jesus ...'.

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