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The Legacy of St Teresa

I have the immense privilege of having been asked to write a book on the legacy of St Teresa. It is not just about her legacy in the Church or in the churches; it is about the whole range of her legacy including the impressive numbers of persons she has influenced in the arts, in literature, in the theatre, in music. I was intrigued recently to learn about a bilingual French actor who died in 2020, Michael Lonsdale. His father was English but he was born in Paris with a French mother and he appeared in both English- and French-language films. Among the most memorable for English-speakers was the part of the villain Hugo Drax in the James Bond film Moonraker. He also appeared in The Name of the Rose and The Day of the Jackal. He was a devout Catholic, and I have in my possession a book about Teresa in French with an introduction written by him and containing a cd in which he reads from a selection of her texts. This is part of a series on the saints sponsored by Lonsdale.

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